Visions & Missions

Our missionQuantaWaterGen is a non-profit association whose mission is to develop new technological solutions while respecting an ethical, humanist and environmental charter.

Our association is recognized as a charitable foundation by the canton of Vaud, hence it is exempt from income and donation taxes.

Donors & Benefactors can deduct donations made to our association according to the applicable cantonal rules.

By pooling the expertise of scientists, researchers, inventors, and other innovators, often isolated, lacking means and adequate structure, we will attempt & achieve technological breakthroughs while following our Code of Ethics.

As some multinationals have very well understood, water (some call it “blue gold”) is becoming a major issue for future generations, as much as energy.

Quantum physics is far from having revealed all its secrets, as well as the specific properties of the molecular structures of water. The challenge is great, but by bringing together strong, highly motivated people, we believe we have a great chance of achieving breakthroughs that will be put to the direct benefit of humanity and its environmental challenges.

The research & the structures to be implemented require significant financial resources. People, institutions, governments who understand our approach and wish to support it will be welcome.

Our association also wishes to carry out humanitarian actions, particularly for access to drinking water solutions in disadvantaged regions of the world, as far as the association's financial availability and donations from our benefactors will allow. These actions will be carried out on a voluntary basis by our members who are experts in water treatment systems, with local training to maintain the systems that will be used for these populations.